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It Runs in the Family

It Runs in the Family

By Patty Zion

When acclaimed author Bob Spitz speaks at the Brookville library’s luncheon event on June 18,

he will be among family members as well as plenty of Brookville area readers.

“Quite presentable” are the words that Mrs. Barb Aikman uses to express her first impression of

Spitz,who is now married to her daughter Becky. Bob Spitz has written seven books and a

screenplay. His wife Becky Aikman is the author of a memoir, and Mrs. Aikman’s older daughter

Nancy Martin haswritten forty-eight pop fiction novels in the mystery, suspense, historical, and

romance genres.

Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with Mrs. Aikman and talk about family life among this

assortment of authors. While Bob, Becky, and Nancy each have different writing styles and

subject matter, they share an intense interest in writing and publishing, and they all like to talk.

Mrs. Aikman says, “It’s a very verbal family.”

What do they talk about when they get together for holidays? Books, of course. Mrs. Aikman

enjoyslistening to the discussion and finds it fascinating to hear so much knowledge about the

publishing world shared across the family dinner table.

Bob Spitz brings a wealth of experiences and credentials to that table. Early in his career, he

wrote scripts for the TV series The Partridge Family. Later, he represented Elton John and

Bruce Springsteen, and even played lead guitar for Springsteen. He also wrote Dylan: A

Biography and the New York Times bestseller, The Beatles: The Biography. He is currently

working on a biography of Ronald Reagan.

His latest bestselling biography, Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child, reflects his

commitment toaccuracy as well as his close friendship with the remarkable TV chef.

Mrs. Aikman feels that readers will be encouraged and inspired by the life of Julia Child, who

found her career footing at the age of forty. “It gives you hope as time goes on that there’s more

life ahead of you,” says Mrs. Aikman.

Those who attend the luncheon will most likely be surprised by Bob’s presentation. “His

personality is very engaging,” says Mrs. Aikman. Combine that personality with a lifetime of

adventure, and you have the makings of an exciting event. When asked what she likes most

about his books,Mrs. Aikman says, “It is his voice. Reading one of his books is like having a

conversation about the subject—withhim.”

Luncheon tickets are currently available at the library. The donation of $35.00 includes lunch,

beverage and dessert, a copy of Dearie, and an opportunity to meet national bestselling author

Bob Spitz, who will be introduced by his wife, last year’s luncheon speaker Becky Aikman.

A sellout crowd is expected for the luncheon, to be held Wednesday, June 18 at 11:30 a.m. at

Pinecrest Country Club. For more details, call Rebecca M. Arthurs Memorial Library at


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