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 Here you will find all the information on children's programs that we offer and how to participate in them! If you have more questions please don't hesitate to call us at (814)849-5512 or email us at

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Hands On Story Time

Our hands on story time is now virtual and able to be viewed on our YOUTUBE Channel!

Ms. Amanda will sing songs, read books, and provide you with activities

to do at home to further your child's growth and learning.

A new video will be posted on Wednesday's at 10:30.

This program is intended for ages Birth - 5yrs

This program is free.

Activities will be posted below for you to access and use as needed.

This weeks

Hands On Storytime Activities


Lets talk about money!

There are two activities in the grab and go bags today.The first activity is a coin recognition puzzle match. There are pieces of paper with the front and back of a coin, the name of the coin, and the value of the coin. The goal is to sort through them and putting each in their own matching piles. The second activity is a coin sorting mat. Grab a cup full of change and review with them each coin and their values, then have them sort out the coins using the mat. The items you need will be in our grab and go bags with the exception of the cup of coins. It will also have instructions and of course a snack!

Previous Hands On Storytime Activities



We will be graphing Goldfish for the penguins (your little ones) to eat! This activity is offered at the library with a convenient grab and go bag containing the supplies to

complete this activity.

The bag will include the penguin graphing charts with numbers 1-10, a bag of goldfish, and a juice box.


Winter STEM Activities

We will be making symmetrical snowflakes with Q-tips and homemade snow! Followed by a science experiment.

The bags will contain blue paper, Q-tips, baking soda, and instructions for both activities.


H is for Hibernate

There are two activities in the grab and go bags today. The first activity is a hibernation book. Simply cut out the pages and put in number order, then staple it on the folded edge. The second activity is a craft highlighting their letter recognition, scissor skills, fine motor skills, and imagination. The instructions are in the grab and go bags accompanied with a snack.



We will be matching the number mitten to the same number of snowflakes mitten with the string provided! This activity is offered at the library with a convenient grab and go bag containing the supplies to complete this activity.

The bag will include mitten pairs numbered 1-9, connecting strings, and a snack.


Groundhog Fun

We will be making prediction on whether or not Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not and what it means for both. We will also be talking about shadows and exploring them through a memory match game and tracing!

The grab and go bags will include a small book to put in order that you will put your prediction in. It will also include a memory match game and a groundhog cutout with instructions for the shadow tracing. And of course a snack!


Have you filled your bucket today?

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STEM Saturdays

STEM is an acronym for

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Here at the library we offer a free program every second  Saturday of the month at 2pm that highlights these fields with engaging activities and discussions! At this time our programs will be virtual and can be found on our YOUTUBE Channel.



This program is intended for grades k - 6th

STEM Video Posting Dates


January 9th, 2021 at 2:00pm

Rescheduled for January 23rd


February 13th, 2021 at 2:00pm

Rescheduled for February 27th


March 13th, 2021 at 2:00pm



April 10th, 2021 at 2:00pm

STEM Activity Themes



Do It Yourself Ice cream!



What do you know about Clouds?


Walking Rainbow and other color activites


To Be Announced ...



9:00 am-6:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday

12:30 pm-4:00 pm


223 Valley Street

Brookville, PA 15825

Telephone: (814) 849-5512
Fax: (814) 849-6211


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