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       Ages 12-18 are welcome            Contact: Lynn Groce                  Wednesday: 4:00pm

 Young Writers  


Hello Young Writers!! Hope you have been well and writing!! My name is Lynn Groce (and yes, you pronounce it g-r-o-s-s). I am going to be taking over for Jessica Weible with your weekly meetings. Although I can always find her if we need to "bend her ear." And Janine Strohm is only a "stone's throw away." if we need her too. 

I am a member of the Writer's Block Party Group, the Stain Glass Writers Group from Punxy and I write monthly for The Brookville Mirror. Just wanted to share that so you know I have a little background in writing. BUT, I am more excited to meet all of you and hear what YOU like to write about and what your goals are with your writing!!

A film written, directed, acted, and edited

by the members of the RMAL Young Writers Group.

That's Who:

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